Words of Wisdom, How to Write

Words of Wisdom, How to Write


You may think you know how to write. But, friend, until you’ve practiced the cutting-edge techniques laid out in this poster, you haven’t got a clue. Discover such revolutionary writing tips as:

• “Keep both feet on the floor.”
• “Hold the pen firmly, but not so tightly as to cramp the fingers.”
• And many more!

Poster size: 18" x 24"

Frame not included

About the collection:
Way up in the boonies of Minnesota, we stumbled across an unintentionally funny instructional book from 1891. We felt it was our civic duty to share its antiquated-yet-timeless advice and illustrations with the modern world. So here it is, bit by bit, in the form of this old-timey poster series.

Every poster is screen-printed on rich khaki-colored paper by our good friends at chuxprint.com.

Collect 'em all!

Style number: W-Write-18x24