Words of Wisdom, How to Apply for a Situation

Words of Wisdom, How to Apply for a Situation


Apparently, back in the day, people used to refer to “jobs” as “situations.” Which is just the kind of charming ridiculousness that makes 1891 so damn awesome. Believe it or not, this poster actually provides helpful job-hunting tips for modern-day jobseekers, like:

• “Put on your best clothes, see that they are neatly brushed, that your linen is faultless, your boots blacked, your hands and face clean, and your finger-nails properly trimmed.”
• Plus 9 more secrets to landing the “situation” of your dreams!

Poster size: 18" x 24"

Frame not included

About the collection:
Way up in the boonies of Minnesota, we stumbled across an unintentionally funny instructional book from 1891. We felt it was our civic duty to share its antiquated-yet-timeless advice and illustrations with the modern world. So here it is, bit by bit, in the form of this old-timey poster series.

Every poster is screen-printed on rich khaki-colored paper by our good friends at chuxprint.com.

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Style number: W-Situation-18x24